Jennifer Holliday drastic weightloss

Jennifer Holliday drastic weightloss. Singer/actress Jennifer Holliday struggled to find work for three years after shedding 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms).

The star, who played Effie White in the original 1980s Broadway production of Dreamgirls, used to tip the scales at almost 400 pounds (181.4 kilograms), until she decided to embark on a dramatic weightloss journey a few years ago.

However, Holliday, now 53, reveals slimming down did nothing to help her career stating, “Unfortunately when I lost the weight, there were three years when I couldn’t work because nobody wanted the new me, so I decided that I liked the new me and I just went without work for a while.”

Instead, Holliday, who struggles with multiple sclerosis and previously battled depression, began recording her first new pop album in 23 years, and she credits her Christian faith with pulling her through the tough times: “The greatest strength in my life is God and his love for me.”

Holliday’s new release, The Song Is You, is the follow up to 1991′s I’m On Your Side.

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